Toyota Supra Mk4 TRD review - the best Supra EVER?!

22 Apr 2021
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This is the Toyota Supra TRD - and it just might be the greatest Supra EVER made!
It’s one of only 35 Mk4 TRD Supras ever made, so it’s super rare! But that’s not all… Not only are there just 16 left, but the one we have here is one of only two currently available in the UK!
So what’s different compared to the normal Mk4 Supra? Well on the outside you’ll find a load of changes, from a huge rear wing & updated rear bumper through to widened wheel arches and some additional vents.
And of course, under the bonnet you’ll find the much-loved 2JZ engine - a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six which originally produced 326hp & 441Nm. But of course, given the look of the car, you know it’s already been tuned... And it now produces an almighty 700hp!
The question is, what will that additional hp feel like once it’s on track? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:02 History
01:59 Exterior Design
04:28 Interior
05:08 Suspension
05:35 Brakes
06:23 Engine
07:51 Drifting
08:52 Driving
10:43 0-60mph
12:10 Verdict
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  • Wow, I just drove past this Supra today in Berkshire. Man does it look awesome...

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  • Prefer single turbo!, but wow i love it overall it’s perfect not too much stuff on it.

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  • Awkward enough they showed the TOM'S Castrol GT500 Supra thinkin it was the TRD Supra 🥴

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  • Only 2 in U.K. 🤔 really ? Fucks up with factory fitment front bumper as that’s not factory fit I’m thinking billy talks shit and it’s a kit. Where’s the plague of authenticity? Seen plague now and it’s not in properly and looks bent

    Buck ShotBuck ShotVor 3 Tage
  • Сразу видно и чувствуется что этот человек обзорщик не любит эту машину супру, а если бы я там был рядом, то я бы упал в обморок и потерял сознание от радости и от счастья что я его вижу и хоть могу потрогать )

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  • The car is not a TRD anymore it’s a Biley supra. I can never understand this. You get an extremely LE classic sports car and modify it?? It’s ruins it for me. I’d like to see an original unmolested example.

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  • Welcome to our Facebook page:, Carbon Fiber Engine Cover for 2JZ-GTE non VVT-i, and VVT-i )))

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